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4-H is the youth development education program of Virginia Cooperative Extension. 4-H is rich with learning experiences where young people partner with caring adults and volunteers in a fellowship unlike any other program available to youth today. Through 4-H, young people are encouraged to participate in a variety of activities that emphasize 4-H's "Learning by doing" philosophy of youth development.

Fairfax County 4-H offers programs for youth in a variety of delivery modes. 4-H clubs are led by caring adult volunteers and are open to all youth who wish to participate.

Our clubs fall under two categories:
Project clubs (focusing on a specific project area such as animals)
Community clubs (focusing on various projects)

Our most popular annual events include a 4-H junior camp-a residential camp held in July at the Northern Virginia 4-H Center in Front Royal, and the 4-H Fair.

For the most up-to-date information on upcoming programs, to find out more about clubs or to get most recent updates on events, visit our site at  or find us on social media.

Learn more about clubs in our county visit our website

Fairfax, Arlington, and Alexandria

Registration for counselors and campers is now closed
2024 FAA 4-H CAMP registration will open Feburary/March 2024.  Counselor Applications will open in November 2023

Camp Dates: TBD
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The Fairfax, Arlington, and Alexandria (FAA) 4-H Junior Camp will be held at the Northern Virginia 4-H Educational Center . Camp is open to youth age 9-13. The camp fee includes transportation from camp, meals and lodging for five days and four nights, a camp t-shirt, and class supplies. Campers have the opportunity to pick their roommates if they like, and are then placed in a room with campers of similar age. Each morning, campers attend three different activities from options that include activities such as fishing, archery, horseback riding, or a ropes challenge course, plus much more. Lunch is followed by free recreation and swim time, and every evening campers enjoy a campfire, snack, and an evening program. For more information, please contact the Fairfax Cooperative Extension Office.

Registration will be completely online for both Campers and Counselors. Checks must be mailed to the Fairfax Cooperative Extension Office located at 12011 Government Center Parkway, 10th floor, Fairfax, VA 22035. Campers are not considered fully registered until all required paperwork and camper fees are received. Camper spaces and class selections are filled in the order they are received. 

73rd Annual 4-H Fair

4-H Fair Video

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The Embryology Program is an exceptional curriculum enrichment program that is designed to help students obtain a better understanding of life and embryonic development.  The bird egg is an excellent educational subject for the study of embryology. 

This program will teach students responsibility and caring for a living animal, teach respect for life and the value of all living organisms.  There will be an emphasize on a “hands-on” experience with a live animal, that will help students grasp developmental processes and stages of growth.  This program will also introduce and explain the topic of reproduction and its scientific processes, as well as other areas of science to the students. In addition, this program addresses several Standards of Learning.  If you would like to see the list of Standards of Learning addressed by the Embryology Program, please let me know.


There will be a $12 fee per dozen of eggs (plus cc fee if paid online). This fee will cover the cost of delivering the eggs to Fairfax County, 12 chicken eggs, and one copy of Beginning of Life Lesson Plans (comes with six lesson plans), and relocation of chicks after the program.  Checks can be made out to Treasurer, Virginia Tech (there will be a fee of $50.00 charged for all returned checks).

Registration has CLOSED ... 

Pennino Building, 10th Floor
12011 Government Center Parkway
Fairfax, VA 22035-1111

Pick-up: TBD
Drop-off: TBD

You as the teacher can also decide to keep the chicks if you have a safe and sustainable environment for them. Please note, if you need to borrow an incubator from the Extension Office, supplies are limited and it will be a first come, first serve basis.      

Deadline to register: TBD
Egg pick-up: TBD
Chick drop-off: TBD